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Sagar Ratna offers Catering service in Delhi/NCR

 DLF South Square Mall, Shop No: 23 & 38, Ground Floor, Sarojini Nagar,, New Delhi - 110023


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Outdoor Catering

Throw a fabulous, pure vegetarian, hassle-free dinner party or a kitty party with Sagar Ratna’s experienced and professional outdoor catering. Being one of the pioneers in vegetarian food, we prepare the house specialities and all the other vegetarian cuisines with utmost hygiene and cleanliness. You can enjoy the Sagar Ratna’s quality cuisine wherever you want, be it in the comfort of your home or at a lavish outdoor location. Allow us to churn out gourmet standard dishes to tantalize the taste buds of your guests’ right at your doorstep. We have created a delectable menu to serve small and large parties.

For more details, contact: B. Venkatesh Bhat
Handheld: 9818466990 or email: